Welcome To Faeloidea

Let Your Imagination Take Flight

Welcome to Faeloidea: The world of fantastical creatures and fairy dreams! Faeloidea is home to beautiful creatures created by the Fae to inhabit their gardens and keep the darklings away. Now it’s your turn to join in the beauty and fantasy of it all by creating your own personal Faeloidean garden full of all the wonder and mystery alive within the world of Fairy!

Here in Faeloidea you can create and raise your own creatures based off of the creations from the Fae of yore. Feline, Canine, Ursine, and many others will be possible. However, in this moment in time, only Feline Faeloids have the ability to be created in your own personal Fairy Garden. Do you wish to start with a Lion, a Tiger, or even a Jaguar or Leopard? Do you wish them to have spots or stripes or some other fantastical pattern? It is all up to you. Join now and let your imagination take flight!